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so here's what I've been up to

graduating college during a pandemic!  starting a production company!  new film!  new comedy!  yay!


Brooklyn Comedy Collective's
Fun and Dumb Improv Festival

Chrissy Bisbee, Elly Silberstein, and Katrin Nugent's
Soy Pony Sketch Show

August 18th, 2022
Asylum NYC


Yes Anderson Improv

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The Fellowship (2022)

The Fellowship.HEIC
The Fellowship.jpg

Pace University short.

4 students compete for a once-in-a-lifetime scholarship, navigating their unique takes on love, friendship, politics, and culture. 

Huge Desk Sketch

This is my third and final year with Pace University's Yes Anderson improv troupe. In my senior year, I was honored to lead some of the funniest people I know as captain of the troupe, bringing my time at school to a beautiful, hilarious close.

We have live shows every other Friday!  

Check out our socials!

Directed by: Jennica Cardona

Pace's BFA in Acting for Film, Television, Voiceovers, and Commercials 2022 graduating class!

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huge desk.jpeg

In 2021, I founded and developed a new sketch troupe with my dear friend Akash Seeramreddi. Since then, we have grown our troupe to 12 writers, directors, and actors, and the troupe will stay at Pace even after we're gone.

We have live shows once a month!  

Check out our socials!

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